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Connect Offroad

Article number 9789997

The 8-inch wheel offers enhanced rolling comfort and convenience when navigating outdoors.

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The Offroad wheel is made of high-quality stainless steel.

The Air-tyre gives enough comfort even on dirt tracks.


Connectorframe stainless steel
CE marking
Easily to connect


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3614_2023120191445_Handleiding connect off-road met etiket december 2023 def.pdf Manual connect off-road with label December 2023
3614_20220203181011_Exploded view Connect kid maxi cosi.PDF Exploded view Connect kid maxi cosi
3614_20220203181014_Exploded view Connect kid.PDF Exploded view Connect kid
3614_20220203181017_Exploded view Connect offroad.PDF Exploded view Connect offroad
3614_20230504200931_Manual connect off-road engels.pdf Manual connect off-road
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At Roam, we offer fitting services in collaboration with our authorized dealers. These fittings can take place either at our location or on-site for your convenience.

However, if you choose not to have your fitting done in collaboration with Roam, we kindly request you to complete our fitting form in its entirety. Please ensure all details are provided as accurately as possible. You can access the fitting form at [www.roam.nl/pasformulier](http://www.roam.nl/pasformulier).

By filling out the fitting form, we can better understand your requirements and provide you with the appropriate assistance. We value your satisfaction and want to ensure that your handbike is tailored specifically to your needs.

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Adapter choice

Roam handbikes feature an easy-to-use hitching mechanism. Customize your handbike with a detachable adapter to suit your wheelchair needs. This adapter allows for easy transfers and moving of your wheelchair, while also reducing the overall weight of the handbike. For personalized advice on selecting the best adapter for your situation, feel free to reach out to our team.

Geen adapter van toepassing

Geen adapter van toepassing

Article number100900

Adapter onder de rolstoel

Adapter onder de rolstoel

Article number9700274

Adapter onder de rolstoel, afneembaar

Adapter onder de rolstoel, afneembaar

Article number100902


Installation and adjustment

At Roam, we take care of mounting the adapter and adjusting the Offroad wheel for your convenience.

Please note that if your wheelchair already has an adapter installed, you should select the ''adjust'' option.

If visiting Roam is not feasible, the authorized dealer will assist in sending the wheelchair, along with the completed fitting form, to Roam. Our aim is to complete the fitting and adjustment process within 5 working days\* and return the wheelchair, equipped with the hitching and Offroad wheel, to the authorized dealer.

It is important to ensure that the wheelchair is fully adjusted before sending it to Roam for fitting and adjustment work. This ensures a seamless process and optimal results.

\*Please note that the 5 working day timeframe may vary depending on the specific circumstances and workload. We aim to complete the task as efficiently as possible.

Montage en afstellen

Montage en afstellen

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Adapter zwart poedercoaten

Adapter zwart poedercoaten

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Article number7902075


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