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Frequently Asked Questions


Who maintains my Handbike or E-bike through the WMO?

Service and maintenance is carried out by your (resource) dealer.

What can I do about a front wheel slipping on an E-bike or Handbike Electro?

A slipping front wheel is annoying but almost insurmountable. This is because the wheel pressure of the wheelchair and handbike always differs

Dealing with a front wheel that keeps slipping can be quite frustrating and difficult to overcome. This is mainly due to the fact that the wheel pressure of the wheelchair and handbike are usually not balanced, with most of the weight being on the rear axle of the wheelchair and very little weight on the front wheel.

However, there is a solution to this problem - you can reduce the imbalance by using a counterweight. Specifically, you can use art. 100978 for the E-bike and art. 100856 for the handbike., almost all the weight is on the rear axle of the wheelchair, and relatively little weight on the front wheel.

This can be reduced with a counterweight, art. 100978 for the E-bike and art. 100856 for the handbike.

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How long will I be without my wheelchair if it is sent to Roam?

We make every effort to return your wheelchair to one of our dealers within 10 working days after receiving it at our factory. They will take care of transporting it to the end user. The handbike and wheelchair will then be adjusted and ready for use.

What should be considered when a Handbike / E-Bike is sent to ROAM for repair or mounting on a wheelchair?

When a complete ROAM device is sent to ROAM (for repair or substructure on a wheelchair), the battery keys must be sent with it. Otherwise, we are unfortunately forced to replace the (battery) lock completely and charge the costs for this. For fire safety reasons, we remove the batteries from the vehicle at ROAM and place them in a special fireproof bunker, which can only be done with battery keys.

Which type of child seat is suitable for the Connect Carrier Family?

The Yepp Mini and Yepp maxi child seats. For the maxi car seat support, see the overview.

Can I take my battery on the plane?

For more information, visit: https: //www.ilent.nl/onderwerpen/gevaarlijke-stoffen-luchtvaart/passagiersbagage-luchtvaart

This battery (item follows) with (price follows) can be purchased separately from your Roam dealer.

What accessibility facilities are available at Roam once you have an appointment?

ROAM has a:

- Lift lift with lifting mat;
- A loaner wheelchair while waiting at ROAM when you come to collect your handbike. You may also use this wheelchair to go outside (visit Den Bosch or Hedel);
- An accessibility toilet.


Will a Roam handbike fit a particular wheelchair?

Which Roam Add-on unit is suitable for a particular manual wheelchair?

To form

Are on-site fittings non-binding?

Fittings are non-binding, please contact us for this. We strongly prefer these fittings to be carried out together with one of our dealers to speed up the process. These fittings can take place on location or at Roam in Hedel, or, if the case is suitable, by telephone. The Roam consultant will then guide the fitting over the phone, supported by videos on our website.

Is a Roam handbike always equipped with a central adapter?

No, the Roam Klickfix models are connectable without any addition to the current wheelchair. To find out if your wheelchair is suitable for this, fill in our ''Will a Roam handbike fit my wheelchair?" form.

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Should assembly and adjustment always be carried out at Roam?

For all our systems, we recommend coming to us for the best fitting and adjustments.

How do I become a Roam dealer?

Contact us for this and we will see what the possibilities are together!

How can I determine the proper measurements for a handbike or e-bike?

Use our measurement form for clear instructions.

Which partners stock fitting models of Roam?

Check the Dealer page for this. Various fitting models are available from many of our partners.

Where can I find drawings for spare parts?

Each product on the product page has exploded views, including article numbers of all parts. An overview of all exploded views, manuals, and technical documents can be found under "Downloads".

What brake pads do I need for my handbike or Add-on unit?

The safety of a vehicle largely depends on its braking system, and brake pads play a crucial role in it. As brake pads can wear out over time, it is necessary to replace them timely to ensure safe and proper functioning. Different brands offer brake pads of varying shapes and sizes, and the choice of the right size and shape depends on the calliper. To help you with this, we have created a simple overview that you can refer to while ordering the brake pads. Your view by clicking on the link p can find the provider.u order the right brake pads, we have created a simple overview.

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What is Roam's warranty policy?

Roam offers a 1-year warranty on all parts except wear and tear parts, and a 5-year warranty on frame parts.

After receipt of the part at Roam, Roam will determine the warranty. In case of return, please enclose the serial number and packing slip.
To submit warranty parts, please use this form.

A ROAM Product was delivered but arrived damaged. What should be done?

Partsexpress transports our resources in Vianen. When a driver delivers resources to a destination (dealer, etc.), the recipient signs for it.
If any damage is found, a damage form must be filled in; the driver has this form with him (see enclosure).
Please remember that damage caused by transport must be reported within 24 hours to ROAM: info@roam.nl. I'd appreciate it if you could use the accompanying photos. After these 24 hours, ROAM can no longer submit a damage claim to Parts Express; therefore, any costs incurred cannot be recovered.